Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Weekends are Your Reward

Now that I work a grueling 45/hr-a-week-ish work week I've truly begun to appreciate weekends and all they can be for you. If you're not a worker, you need to realize that when you have a job that means you can't do what you want all the time, but when it's the weekend, that's the time when you can either (A) Do what you want and not accomplish any of the things you Need to Do or (B) Do the things you Need To but not get to do anything that you want.

This weekend I had an (A) weekend. As you have been told previously, Matt is back in town again and this time I had to wait for the weekend to really get stuff done.

Friday night (among other things) we went to Don Cannon's going away party. Don is such a great dude, I couldn't imagine missing his going away party. Turns out he leaves at the end of May, or maybe even June, so this going away party was to, like, help us ease into the idea of him being gone.

I took no pictures of Don.

But I took a picture of how Matt and Ellie kind of matched.

And here's Mindy!

Saturday Kristin stopped by and showed off one of her Graphic Design School projects.

The Good News is I'm on the list for the Marshall Islands Film Festival, the Bad News is it turns out there isn't a Marshall Islands Film Festival. Then Kristin made us eat Pinkberry because one opened up a block from my house (some people would be going out of there brain with excitement about this sort of thing). This is what I know about Pinkberry: for me to eat it, it better have chocolate chips on it. And if invited to take a spoonful here and there from someone's Pinkberry, I'll eat about two thirds of the Pinkberry, but very absentmindedly.

After Pinkberry something very special happened: Matt and I went back to Momofuku to get some more pork!

This is me and my delicious pork. I wanted to post a video of me eating my delicious pork, but YouTube is such a pain. For me. It always gives up on me. Maybe I'll try DailyMotion instead?

Ok, I did try DailyMotion and it worked. Here's a video of what it looks like to be happy in case you never saw a happy person in your life before:

Here's a pork bowl (plus egg) before being attacked.

To spice things up (not literally) we had a side of ham. Momofuku has four different kinds of sliced ham, I don't know the difference and I don't know which kind this was and it seemed so pedestrian to order a plate of thinly sliced ham but My Goodness! What a treat!

With pork in our bellies we met up with Emily and went and saw Speed Racer. I posted about how great it was after I saw it, so I won't say that again.

After Speed Racer we went to Keila's Annual Mexican Food party.

Delicious Mexican Food! Mole and Tinga and Taquitos, how can you beat that? You can't!

You really don't know how much I love Tinga. (I love it the most)

This is to give you an idea of what the party looked like. I could have tried harder to get this idea across to you.

And this is to give you an idea of what it would be like to be married to Collin: You would be bored and he would be trying to show you a funny video (funny to him).

After the party we went to Emily's and some people played Ticket to Ride and other people (the me and Abby kind of people) played Mario Kart Wii. My friends, they all love to play Ticket to Ride so much!

Sunday there was a picnic in the park but Collin and Matt and I didn't have much as far as picnic food goes. So I dug through my cabinets (and my brain) and invented a magical sandwich called "The Sabbath Keeper." A Sabbath Keeper has peanut butter, apple (cut thin with my new slicer so that it looks like radishes), and bacon on it. Knock it off. It is delicious and it is awesome. Needs a little work, actually, but well on its way.

And here we are at the park with Sabbath Keepers in hand. Some people persecuted us because of our sandwiches, but we were happy.

At the park? Mindy.

Collin and stick, as per the usual.

Collin and stick vs. the Frisbee

Collin and stick vs. Impromptu Relief Society Presidency Meeting

Matt and Natural Selection Argument vs. Unwitting Victim

Matt vs. Tree

Matt vs. the Chilliness

Very Hot Right now? Man wraps.

Post-Picnic we went to Liz and Ali's house. For what purpose? To play Ticket to Ride!

It is a misconception that I never play Ticket to Ride. I just play it every few weeks, I don't play it every night (If you were wondering, Ticket to Ride was also played Monday night. No by me, though.) Like some of you do. That night I got to be teammates with Liz. It was a great team that we had.

Ali, having a laugh, before she called me to tell me to take this picture down.


M said...

i stand by my critique. i just don't think the sabbath keeper has mass appeal. or even much appeal. too much going on. and the texture of the bacon really conflicts with the other elements. some things are just not meant to go together...chocolate and beef; strawberries and fish; and pb / apple and bacon.

although perhaps wich-craft would be interested in the idea? they seem to have pretty poor taste in sandwiches too.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Where is this momofuku? There are like 3 on menupages. Are they all the same? I want...

Anonymous said...

So where do you put in this grueling 45 hour week?

Collin Mapp said...

I'll have you that a lot of girls would like to watch funny internet videos - even if it is Salad Fingers!

....I just haven't found them yet.

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Hey! It's the Doz! I heard there was a Dozier sighting in DC and he was sporting a wedding ring. So much for colonial ward gossip.

Love your face!

Ali said...

haha, oh my gosh, this is not a pic to be's even worse if you click on it and you can see the food in my mouth! ah!

I love that Liz called you to take her photo down and I have food flying out of my mouth and I didn't...

Brig said...

1) M:Wait. I am through with this. But for now, I think you're being a little hard on me to say that I have poor taste in sandwiches just because of one commandment-keeping sandwich I invented.
2)JayMoo: I've been going to the Ssam Bar. There's also the Noodle Bar and Ko.
3)Anonymous: Nice try at getting me fired but I won't squeal so easily. It's a document review job, though, nothing too exciting. But it gets me out the house and pays for my tacos.
4) Ali: What if Liz asks you to take that comment down?

M said...

now you are making me feel bad. i'm sorry. i should have been more encouraging considering your good intentions. maybe i was channeling Ramsay or something? yeah, that's my story and i'm sticking to it.