Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Everyone Went to the Park, Again

Saturday there was a picnic in the Central Park (again? well, this one was a lot better organized and a lot better attended) on the part of the park called Pilgrim Hill. Let's get the history lessons out of the way, here's the statue of the Pilgrim that is found atop Pilgrim Hill, a hill dedicated to honoring the Pilgrims. Considering the difficulty I had as a child remembering the difference between Pilgrims and pioneers, it was a fitting place for all the Mormons to spend the day.

So many beloved faces were there, like Reghan and Lexia. Boy, it's been so long since we've seen Reghan and Lexia.

It's nice to know they're up to the same old stuff.

Yes, Maria, shocking, I know.

And there's Ali.

Ellie, showing off.

Di and a sandwich

I invented another food item, the a reverse nacho! It's Fritos wrapped in a slice of cheese. Totally delicious, of course!

Hey, it's Mindy! Being attacked by Collin.

Rescue! I was the hero! I was Mindy's hero!

Kristin gave Collin an airplane ride.

I spent a lot of time standing off to the side, wondering why no one would give me an airplane ride.

Or why no one wanted to share my orange soda.

Well, almost no one.

When the picnic was over I was a helper and we carried all the picnic stuff to the corner to get picked up.

Tim Riggins?

Activities-Chair Lindsay thought of a bright way to get rid of the leftover food.

(If you can't tell, she's trying to sell the bread)
With the picnic stuff sent off, Collin, Randy, Reghan, Lexia, Mike and I stuck around and held a picnic after party.

The afterparty was primarily tumbling-based.



These are two people walking their cat in the park. Of course. And the cat's name was Brad Pitt. Of course.

Later on, Collin met back up with his regiment.

At this point Saturday was far from over. Chance encounters on 14th Street lead to a spaghetti party like none other! Tune in next time I'm in the mood to upload pictures to learn all about it!


M said...

ditto for me on the pioneers / pilgrims thing. also, there was the dire woodrow wilson and wilford woodruff thing. got me into trouble at school a few times.

Brig said...

First I had to learn that the Presidents of the United States and the Presidents of the Church were completey different.

Abby Rose said...

I would share your orange soda.

Cindy said...

I would have given you an airplane ride!

kelly l said...

can i just tell you how much i'm enjoying seeing all these pictures of you and matt and that i can't believe the two of you are still, well for a lack of a better word, together.