Thursday, May 08, 2008

Best I Did It, I Made a Post

More than a week ago, on April 30th, it was my birthday. I sort of suspected that since it was my birthday that there would be a birthday party, and Collin had asked me if I'd rather have my birthday party at my house or at the apartment downtown that Collin had been apartment-sitting...but that's sort of all I had heard, all I knew. So Wednesday, my birthday, it just rolled along without me really knowing about my birthday until I got a voice mail from Andy asking me if I could come by his house and go with him to my party. This was officially the first time I knew that I was having a party, so I had to call Collin and find out the details of my party. (Also, I couldn't walk Andy to the party because I was working kind of late and had to get myself to the party. The question of How Andy Would Get to Brigham's Party was a pressing question that was pressed hard against many a person by Andy. I certainly appreciate that it was so important to Andy to make it to my party, even if the negotiating of his means of getting to the party nearly destroyed many friendships that night...long story.) Later on I would find out that a very clever invitation had been emailed by Collin to many good New Yorkers and that I was left off the invitation list...I don't know if my leaving off was intentional or un, it wasn't like this was a surprise party, but apparently it was a leave-Brigham-in-the-Dark party. So left I was, and how illuminated I became when I made it to 45 Wall!

Arriving at the party I learned that it was organized around a theme, the theme being the triptych of favorites that carry me through my days: My Love of Slayer (you might not know it because I haven't blogged it but I Love Slayer and when I say I Love Slayer I mean I love "Raining Blood" the Slayer song on Guitar Hero III. I listened to it three times in a row my birthday morning. It just does it for me.), My Hunger for Pork (as recorded earlier, I have realized I really really like pork), and My Fandom of Friday Night Lights the TV Show (also something I haven't blogged: How I voraciously devoured the first two deliciously satisfying seasons of Friday Night Lights during the dying days of my unemployment).

Upon arriving at the party, Collin had me change out of my nice party shirt into my new favorite t-shirt, my Slayer t-shirt, the t-shirt I always want to wear, the t-shirt that cannot improved upon in any way.

In the hall leading to the apartment of the party and all about the apartment of the party pig decorations could be found. The pig decorations symbolized pork,

And in the kitchen I noticed this beauty of a cream cheese on chocolate cake decorated by Collin himself, festooned with symbols of those three things I love, plus my age, plus blue M&Ms. White+Blue=Not Cougars but Panthers.

And, miracle of miracles, Andy made it to the party! He called the Missionaries and had them walk over with him. Is there no service the Elders won't serve? It was a thrill to have Andy present. Apparently he had brought me some duck his mom made for me, but I misunderstood and thought I was getting duck on Sunday, not that day, so I never got my duck. Oh well.

You know, duck is like the pork of the poultry kingdom.

Andy looked a bit like a lord of the Criminal Underworld.

Kim's Karaoke game had been set up and there was lots of singing.

On numerous occasions it was requested that I should take a seat and receive a special performance dedicated in my honor...

Be it a performance of song

Or of dance
Jason was highly entertained, you'd think he was the Birthday Boy.

Ok, enough with explaining, let's get on with the pictures of friends, partying.

Me and Jeff and Jeff.

Jeff and Collin and Me.

Look at Di! Such a great new haircut.

Sara, Ashley, Andy, Dave.

Brigham, Ellie (leaving so soon?)

Heidi, Whitney, Jamar

Jenna, Joe, Megan.

Sara, Amber, Liz, Gabe.


Chris and Abby.

Brian, running things. (Mom, do you remember Brian?)

Foreground: Amber, Genevieve.

Background: Jeff, Jared.

Meg and Patricia! Major birthday get!

Britney (Brittany?) and Megan's Head.

Di at work in the crafts area.

Guests had the option of designing a craft in my honor, like this micro-portrait of me in my Mexico City shirt that lately I can't find in my closet.

Ashley, Dave, Alicia's head.

Mike my Excellent Ex-Home Teaching Companion, Jeff.

Me, Kristin. Remember the last Office when they hinted at the end about Pam quitting her job to study graphic design? Yeah, we all know where they got that idea from.

Liz, Sean.


I had a cake!

This photo isn't about Karli and Jordan in the foreground, it's about how it's my only picture of Abby (in the background). Man, why just one picture of Abby? This is what happens when strangers use your camera all night.

This picture IS about Jordan. Here she's holding the FNL birthday card Jenn made for me.

And this is about Karli holding Jenn's FNL Season 1 that was at my party for some reason.

Dave, Jeff. But I hope you knew that by now.

Brenda, Ashley.

Alicia, Jared.

The Cool Girl Table: Amber, Abby, Di, Mim.

Jeff. I believe he's in Sweden now.

Me, Liz. Ali was at a concert.

This is a tribute to sailor pants.


Jamar, Kristin.

Me, Lexia.

Mike, Heidi.

Jamar, Karli, Brigham (me).

The Rainbow girls. Is this my only birthday picture of Kim? What a shame.


Jeff, Lindsey. I mean "Lindsay." Sorry. Had to check my gmail to get that right.

Scott! Guys, Scott came down to my party from 111th street.

Brian prepares to write the Declaration of Independence.

The Vikings. Joaquin and Mattias.

Kim, Jeff.
And that was my party! Thanks to those who hosted, those who threw it, those who attended, those who almost attended, those who brought gifts, those who brought cards, those who called, texted, emailed, or wrote on my wall. Hooray for Birthdays! May they live forever!


Nerak said...

Love the FNL incorporation into the bday theme! Slayer meets Riggins, interesting, hadn't thought of that combo before. :) May I take a tiny bit of credit for introducing you to the greatest TV show on... well, TV?

Glad you had a great bday!!

Abby Rose said...

The only reason you have 1 photo of me is because I am sneaky... Like a ninja in the night.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Holy crap this was the party to be at! I was not there.

mike said...

FYI, the elders said the walk with andy was actually rather productive. He helped them make several really good contacts.

Kimberly said...

It is a shame.

liz said...

I take issue with the comment "that's what happens when you let strangers use your camera all night"... Serious issue... I (pronounced with emphasis) had your camera! Strangers? Why I outta! (but other than that, fun post...loved the pics...maybe because I took some of them-haha).

Brig said...

1) Nerak deserves all the credit. Without her, I would have never cornered you for 14 minutes to talk about how I never thought it would happen, but now Landry is pretty much my favorite. And that's probably why I like Slayer so much.

a)Are you a stranger? No. I
know you.
b)Nevertheless, let's face the
facts, did you take any
pictures of Abby?

Ali said...

Boo..I am sad I missed this Bday fun. Thanks for the shout out of my absence.