Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Best MidWeek Art Movie

Tonight I saw Harmony Korine's new movie, Mr. Lonely. It's the story of a Michael Jackson-impersonator who meets a Marilyn Monroe-impersonator who takes him to live in a castle that's a commune for Celebrity-impersonators (there's a Queen of England there, a Pope, a Charlie Chaplin, a Shirley Temple, a Buckwheat, a Sammy Davis Jr., a Madonna,an Abraham Lincoln, and a few others).

It's a LOT weirder than it sounds. Here's the International Trailer:

The whole time I was watching it I was just worried about Mr. Korine and wondering what was wrong with him. Not that the movies was bad, necessarily, just, you know...insane? I think Harmony Korine is like, like, imagine there's this kid in his grade school art class and the teacher tells him she loves everything he makes and he's the very best and he begins to believe this and no matter what he makes the teacher tells him it's wonderful. Now, imagine that kid makes movies and there's no teacher. That's Harmony Korine.


Cindy said...

I saw the trailer a little while ago and it looked fascinating. I like Samantha Morton.

Brig said...

I was thinking about this movie at work today and maybe I was too stern with it yesterday. OR maybe I was totally right. I'll keep thinking about it, every now and then.