Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Tuesday

Tuesday night I had the great fortune of being invited to the ballet. It was about pirates and watching all the ballerinas reminded me of this classic video from 2004:


M said...

now i know where jeff b learned his dance moves. j/k. probably the other way around. this reminds me...been a while since i've had a dance party. i think it's about time for another one.

Brig said...

The power is yours to make this party happen.

I've got an iPod that will work with your stereo now.

In case you were wondering.

M said...

i'm sold. even about we combine it with a duck reunion? i know you're a big fan of those.

Brig said...

Yes! Excellent! But only if it can also be a Six Flags Great Adventure reunion and a "Hey, uhm, is anyone in the city doing anything on Memorial Day?" reunion!

I'm sure all those people would want me picking their dance music, anyway.