Friday, May 23, 2008

Best Later on on Saturday

Later on on Saturday Collin and I had gotten off the subway and been to a couple of grocery stores (I was hunting for chorizo) and ran into Adrienne and Ashley. We walked around with them, went to clothing stores, called up Mike, sat in the Esprit and discussed the night and our hunger and decided to have spaghetti at my place. Because pasta is what I make! (and also tacos)

Had to stop into one more grocery store to find a few more ingredients. That's Mike and Adrienne, if you didn't know who Adrienne was. Or Mike.

Back to the apartment and I got right to work, cooking up sausage (non-chorizo sausage) and boiling up pasta.

Ashley gave the dessert a little pre-sampling.

Just because we were all busy chopping up things or grinding things didn't mean there wasn't time for fun.

Just as our hungers were about to consume us it was pasta-eating time!

Later on that night I'd get called-out for cutting my spaghetti, but here's photographic proof that for at least some of the night I was slurping!

Uhm, Adrienne, maybe you can explain why we don't have a picture of you during pasta-eating time?

Boy, I must be telling a real zinger here!

After dinner we were supposed to have s'mores but we didn't get around to it and Adrienne ate all the marshmallows.

Later on the girls went home and then it was just us guys and Mike got to fight with the TV, just like we all know he loves to do.

And that was the weekend! Well, pretty much. On Sunday I got asked to give a talk in my new ward (already?) and Sunday night everyone came over to watch Temple of Doom. No pictures. None.


Lexia said...

I think that last photo of Mike is special.

emily said...

brigham, i'm waiting for your gmail. i want to hear all your newses.