Monday, May 12, 2008

Best Little Thursday

First, if you hadn't already heard, Matt is back in town.
Second, if you hadn't already heard, I'm sort of working.
Third, and this is what I want to talk about, my work is across the street from a Houston's and Matt came up last Thursday to get a little lunch at that Houston's. Thursday is an important day to go to Houston's, and if you don't know why, don't worry, I'll tell you soon.


Me. (Houston's napkins have special button holes so you can hang them from your shirt, not stuff them into your collar like an animal)

We both had the Hickory Burger. Man, that's some burger!

And Thursday is Tortilla Soup day at Houston's. They make a magnificent Tortilla Soup and after a long time spent debating between a burger or the soup I decided I'd just need to get both. I regret nothing about that decision.

Thursday night Liz, Ali, Ace and I were supposed to have pizza together on my roof. Unfortunately, Ace didn't make it. Fortunately, Jared, Tracy, and Matt did.

Collin's umbrella has a problem. Can you figure out what it is? Or do I have to make a "boing" sound effect for you?

Ok, that was our little Thursday.

Today at work I think I fell asleep at least 5 times. This is especially bad when you work sitting around a table with a bunch of people whose assignments are just as boring as yours. Sorry team! I'll do better tomorrow.


M said...

i miss houston's. i haven't been there in years. but my family used to go there all the time for sunday dinner before we realized that was not the thing to do. they have the best potato soup and the best artichoke dip.

miggy said...

Hey how long is Matt Lemmon in town? You guys should come up and say hi to an old friend...(that would be me).

Collin Mapp said...

Now, I'm not upset or offended - just curious. You said that it was unfortunate that Ace couldn't be there but that it was fortunate for Matt, Jared, and Tracy to show up. Where does that put me?

liz said...

Collin's question is legitimate... where DOES that leave him? You better do some damage control before collin's un-upset and un-offended position changes!

Ali said...

I love this Thursday. I love Tortilla soup. And I love that it is fortunate for Collin to hang out with us.