Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Best New Years Evening

There was a big New Years party on the Upper West Side last night. Although I pretty much knew all the girls that were throwing it and pretty much recognized all the names on the evite the party eventually became one where everyone was asking "Who are all these people?"

From this party full of strangers, these are pretty much all the people that I knew:


Mike and Jen (a hostess, by the way)

Jordan and her visiting friends.


Open mouths, back to back. How odd.
Jeff and Kristin (I remember this picture looking better when I took it)

Mollye (so shy!) and Kieren (I remember this picture being in focus...New Years Eve, the whole thing is just a blur)

You might think that this is a picture of a crowd but actually if you look carefully you'll see that it's a portrait of Jacob Pugsley.

Out on the street Kristina told me "It's funny, I haven't seen you taking any pictures all night"

New Years Eve. Ta-da!


becca said...

i'm just glad i made it into the group shot.

Cindy said...

You know what's funny? My boss Steve said that his friend Mindy went to New York a few years back. I said, "I wonder if she's on Brigham's blog?" Then we did a search for Mindy on your blog (which is what I often do for Collin) and found here and here she is again! Weird.