Monday, January 21, 2008

Best Soon-to-Be-Necessary Amenity

Friday afternoon I visited some art galleries in Chelsea. The galleries of Chelsea are mostly located (if you didn't know) in the 20's between 10th avenue and the river...a formerly rather barren area that has become home to a variety of new apartment buildings over the past few years as this is the fate awaiting all rather barren areas of Manhattan. Anyway, at 24th street and 11th avenue I saw a new building on it's way to completion festooned with ads boasting that the 19 story building would boast New York's first "ensuite sky garages." What does that mean? That means that many of the apartments, way up there high above the ground, will have garages and that are to be reached by a special car-elevator. Absolutely nutso yet very very seductively luxurious.

A little googling unearthed this video of how the whole process is imagined to go:

Myself, I can't wait for the first major ensuite sky garage disaster, because where there are car elevators, there are disasters waiting to happen. Remember?

The official site of the apartment building ("200 Eleventh Avenue") is worth a visit if you like imagining living in a nice apartment. Link.


Amber said...

Car elevators are not new in industrial buildings. The Starret Lehigh building down on 26th street has one. Martha can drive a ford expedition right to her offices.

Scrumpestuous D said...

I can see it now: "Honey, Jim left his car in the elevator again! Can't you please talk to the guy?"

Other than that, it's a very Bruce Wayne kind of idea.

M said...

can you just imagine the wait for this elevator? i think it makes more sense to just develop the flying car already.

Cindy said...

Yeah! Where's my flying car? It's the future! We have phones where we can see each other. I also want that conveyor belt that the Jetsons would get on every morning that would shower and dress them in a matter of seconds.