Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best Pasta of The Week Returns!

This week's pasta is spaghetti tossed in a sauce of lemon juice, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese plus a bit of lemon zest and basil on top.

Last week I didn't make pasta, but I made things like soup and chicken in green sauce and worked on finishing my creamy fettuccine from the week before. You know, no matter how best a Pasta of the Week is, it's never easy to love a whole pound of it, unless it's aglio olio--that one stays lovable for some reason. This pasta seems pretty nice, but it screams "Serve me with something else!" with anger. I get this feeling that that something else might be salmon, but I have never ever cooked myself any fish.

But you know something that I am going to cook someday? Carnitas! I finally found a good looking carnitas recipe that didn't start off with boiling three pounds of lard.

For those who couldn't care less about what pasta I made this week, I've got good news: I've finished nearly two selections (meaning I definitely finished one and another is almost dead) from my reading playlist and will be posting word-soaked assessments of these first victories soonish. I have a vision of myself sitting at my desk and typing tomorrow and those assessments just might be what it is I am typing. We'll see.

ALSO, do you know how many people can fit (sitting) in my apartment? Definitely more than 28, because that's how many came to FHE tonight and there was room for a handful or two more. If everyone stood, who knows what kind of congregation I could host?


Tai said...

So, do you cook an entire pound of pasta at one time and then reheat the whole thing throughout the week?

Brig said...

That's what I'm doing, big pot of pasta = meals and meals and meals. Lesson learned almost immediately: the exponential loss of pasta-quality as the dish grows older and colder.

Last night, perhaps in a dream, I thought of an ingredient that would have made this pasta so much better: a freshly diced jalepeno. And maybe sweet, firm niblets of corn?

Tai said...

Boiling the pasta is the easiest part of the process. The sauce is what takes time, so if you want your pasta to taste good all week just make the sauce to last you a week and only boil as much pasta as you are going to eat that night. Add enough sauce to make it tasty and repeat throughout the week.

In Italy there is no such thing as leftover pasta. That which is not eaten at the table gets put out in the alley to feed strays. The only kind of pasta that really works at all to reheat is a pasta al forno or lasagna.

Brig said...

I'm understanding that there have been some serious flaws in my pasta having. I'll repent.

But I can report that my jalepeno idea really did the trick.

Broek said...

Fish is easy peasy. Serious. Just put it on some foil under the broiler, about 7 minutes each side. Put some olive oil or a little lemon or seasoning on it beforehand, et voila.

Brig said...

But considering how much I fret over a piece of beef, wondering if it smells wrong, wondering what beef is supposed to smell like, wondering if it looks all right, wondering if it's done, wondering how cooked it should be, really really wondering if it smells funny (and this is just beef!) I can only imagine the wreck I'd be wondering about the suitability of piece of salmon.

Part of the problem is that I'm in New York and groceries are just risky out here. I've bought milk well ahead of its due date that was completely spoiled when I took my first swig.

becca said...

i want pasta.

Brig said...

Come have some leftovers, there's plenty.