Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Best Unveiling of the Mystery

As slightly indicated in a previous post, last Thursday I spent the day in Philadelphia because Shane and Jen were in town from Albania visiting Jen's folks. Shane met me at the Philadelphia Chinatown Bus stop and we did a tiny bit of downtown Philadelphia-ing before going home to the Felts'. And do you know what I found out there? That the neighbors owned a DeLorean and were totally friendly about letting people check it out and sit in it!

This is Jen and Shane. Do you know how long I've known them? Over 12 years. Isn't that insane?

Here's the DeLorean's engine. You know what I learned when I got home from Philadelphia? That the DeLorean wasn't a particularly fast car...it did 0-60 in just under 9 seconds. Finding that out made me wonder what the point of this automobile was, but I gave it some thought and decided the points to a DeLorean are: Stainless Steel. Gullwing Doors. Time Travel Capabilities.

Still, it was pretty exciting to sit down in that car. The cockpit was absolutely tiny, I barely fit at all and my elbow kept hitting the horn (which stuck out of the steering column on a lever like it was the turn signal).

This is me before I knew the DeLorean wasn't a sprinter.

Father and child.

Back in the house, a patient Oliver played with his sister. (He didn't play patient, though, he's being an art subject).

Just when I thought my day could not be any more filled with unexpected awesomeness, do you know what happened? We went to a Benihana clone for dinner. YES!!

As you can see, Shane and I were utterly mystified by our chef's talents.

And when he was done cooking it was time for some shrimp-tossing (and catching). Here's Jen's dad a millionth of a second after catching his shrimp. I would also like to report that I totally caught my shrimp, and not with my eye or forehead as you might suspect, but with my mouth.

And that was my day in Philadelphia!

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JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Phili is so hot right now. I'm going this weekend, as is many others it turns out. I doubt I'll rock a cool car though...

niall said...

The DeLorean is haunting me today- on a message board, on another friend's blog, here! Even YouTube is in on the act!


Kind of puts me off the thought of going at 88mph though. In saying that, time travel would probably be worth the risk right?

Collin Mapp said...

When this baby hits 88 mph, you're going to see some serious shit.

(many apologies to Sister Barnes and to M.)

Brig said...

Collin, you and Tanner are in the time out corner now.

Sarah said...

Brigham, I linked to you from Kristen's blog and I have to say I too love the DeLorean. A friend of mine from high school actually had one in the garage. It was her dad's and essentially was the second child in the family. - sarah (morrison) page