Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Christmas in Review

You know those blogs run by parents where it's just pictures of their little kids? Today this is pretty much one of those blogs. But it was Christmas time and I was at home and so were Kristen and Cory so that meant the house was full of babies and Brigham/Blake-Rachel-Ellie relations were at an all time high. Let us review the days...


The morning began with the traditional assembling and anticipating around the landing.

Matthew 7:3

Then down we went for the presents.

Later on that day, Kristen and Cory played Wii for the first time.

The Day After Christmas

We all went to the neighborhood ice rink for the thrill of watching first time skaters.

Ellie did not skate.

That night the family visited Las Fuentes where I filled up completely on salsa, chips, and nachos.

Mexican Food + Baby=


The important thing that happened on Thursday is that I whipped up a dinner of chicken parts in tomatillo sauce and everyone loved it! Everyone!

Don't believe the face! Moments later Blake would say it was delicious!


Christmas time equals eating, okay? Friday we had Johnnie's for lunch.

When I took the above picture Rachel could tell she didn't fit so she insisted on her own...

Which lead to this...

Not that I'm complaining.

Friday night we watched the Nanny Diaries which was just awful.


Saturday morning we went and had wild breakfasts at the Bongo Room. We had to split ourselves up between two tables. The Edwards table.

And the other table.

Now, I don't mean to cause any trouble, but do you think Rachel might have a favorite uncle? Or at least just at this one meal?

I had the BLT Eggs Benedict:

This is the baby:

Saturday night was Greg's Eagle Court of Honor. This was pretty much my reason for staying through the weekend, to take my spot in the Eagle's Nest that night.

This is me and Greg and Terry Jones who has camped with every single Barnes there is.

Remember Owen's Court of Honor?
Later Saturday night we watched Stardust. The most popular review I heard from friends this summer was that the movie was "surprisingly good" (or "surprisingly enjoyable.") And I must say that's how I felt, this was a surprisingly good little fantasy movie. Later, I'd return it and Nanny Diaries to the wrong Blockbuster. Oh well.


Sunday morning I woke up and discovered that Kristen, Cory, and their children were gone, leaving only these odd little snow people behind.

And that's pretty much what Christmas time was this year. Soon I'll be flying back to New York and getting back to whatever it is I do with my days. Sending out
resumes? I suppose that's what I do.

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Todd said...

you were at the bongo room which is close to my house. but i was way far away.

happy new year.