Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Best Late Night Dilemma plus Root Beer Sidetracking

With the talk shows coming back tonight, it's so hard to decide: Would I rather watch the debut of Bearded Letterman with Writers, or relish seeing what Leno is like without writers. There will be a lot of clicking back and forth.

Also, whatever it is it's still beeping. The noise seems to be coming from the bathroom, or a kitchen cabinet but examination has not revealed anything.


1) Turns out I just got sort of bored and turned them both off. Or, better said, once the Top 10 List was finished and I realized that Robin Williams was Dave's guest, I was done. And I was able to watch about 23 seconds of writing-for-himself Jay before it was back to Dave.

2) Also, it turns out that if I go to bed hungry (which is what I did last night...but don't feel bad to me, I just decided to call it a night instead of rooting around in my fridge and cabinets) I'll dream that I'm drinking an entire 2 liter bottle of A&W. Which was odd, as A&W is one of my least favorite root beers. So creamy and foamy.

Here's a List of Root beers I Like:

  • Stewart's
  • Mug
  • Dads or Hires (at least I think I do. I haven't had much Dad's or Hires ever since I started really thinking about what Root Beers I like)

Here's a List of Root beers I'd Rather Not Have, Given the Choice (as if I might go to a party with a whole bunch of root beers to choose from):
  • Barqs (tastes like dish soap.)
  • A&W (see reasoning above)
Root beer that no longer impresses me like it used to, but I'm glad it is available from fountains now:
  • IBC
Most Disgusting Root Beer:
  • Diet A&W
Root Beer that I Once Had to Show ID to Buy (Silly Deli Worker):
  • Brooklyn Brewerey
HOWEVER the best root beer I ever had was a Utah microbrew called Howie's that someone had sent to them at the MTC.

Brigham & Root Beer FUN FACT #1: Did you know that my Uncle Bob had/has a root beer making contraption in his kitchen? If you're from my family then you did.

Brigham & Root Beer FUN FACT #2: Did you know I have two mugs frosting in my freezer, just waiting for root beer to be poured into them? And that these mugs have been put to use once in the past year and three quarters? It's true! See, I told you.


Scrumpestuous D said...

If you're ever in the Pacific Northwest, there are two root beers that you should sample- Henry Weinhard's and Thomas Kemper. Mmmm... Thomas Kemper. Sweetened with honey and vanilla. Super tasty.

brendan said...

I don't like Henry Weinhard's, though I know those who swear by it, but i second Thomas kemper with a hearty AMEN! That stuff is the standard for me right now.

Brig said...

I have research to do.

Just had a thought: In this new modern age, might Hires find new success if they rebranded their beverage as "Hi-Res"?

English said...