Friday, August 10, 2007

Best Concert of Any Summer!

Last night was the Daft Punk show out on Coney Island. Things at Keyspan Park started out innocently enough:

Gentlemen DJs Sebastian and Kevinsky got the crowd going before and kept the crowd going between sets.

Let me familiarize you with the Amigos in attendance:

Michelle, Dave, Myself.



Note: Broek and Ramsey are from Los Angeles. They came out from Los Angeles for this show. And you couldn't even be bothered to catch the D train out. For shame.

Jeff and Cheryl.

The Rapture opened the night with a set that was nearly an hour long and full of their best dance jams, but they weren't pretending to be the reason anyone was there.

By the time they were done quite a crowd had gathered.

A dark curtain was drawn across the stage. We waited. And waited. And then...


My Impressions:

1) It was more awesome than I could take.
2) Now I think I know what it's like to have an overlord.
3) Sonically, I was destroyed. The bass was so thick I choked on it.
4) It was sheer devastation. It was amazing.

There's an abundance of Youtube videos online from last night. See?

But here's one from what I'll remember as the most relentless portion of the evening, when they raved-out with Steam Machine.

Listen. I told all of you to get tickets to this concert and now you can only blame yourselves for not having been blown to bits by French Robots last night.

PS: Debated amongst ourselves post-show: what exactly were they up to in that pyramid? Were they really playing any music at all? Or were they just dropping the world's greatest mixtape/lightshow combo? This forum thread suggests that they were up to a lot more than we had thought up there. Click.


Tannerama said...

Seriously, there were moments last night that I just wanted to die... Mostly those moments were when Broek called me and just held her cell phone aloft. And I could hear the awesomeness that I was missing out on.

I just had to settle for listening to my "I wish I were at the Rapture Daft Punk show" mix that I made. Which were probably all the same songs that were played at the show but nowhere near as awesome.

Brig said...

Cheer up, Tanner. There were some bad parts. was really crowded. And everyone's view was obstructed by everyone else's camera.

Don said...

That my friend, is the ultimate in trippy! Glad to hear that you had a good time. And, thanks for the video.

KereAna said...


Matt and I went to the Denver show on July 31st and we were both freaking out about the awesomeness of it all. It's almost not even explainable.

No one should ever miss a Daft Punk show.

LittleNYCBro said...

I honestly have to say, I probably will never experience anything of this calibur for the rest of my life. It felt like a dream. Sometimes I think about having been there, and it feels like I dreamt the entire thing. But I didn't. It really happened. My mission in life is complete.

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