Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Best What I Did Last Week

SO, I took the bar two weeks ago. And something like that demands a vacation. So I did what anyone would do, I went to Utah to spend time with my family at Aspen Grove, the BYU Alumni Association Family Camp. My family has been going to Aspen Grove for 20 years now and this was our 11th visit. Over the past few visits I had (understandably) felt too cool to attend or like there wasn't anything at Aspen Grove for me. But this year I was sort of like "What the heck, I'll have three meals a day" and went and just enjoyed myself for what it was. These are the pictures I you can see, photo taking tapered off as the week went by.


Even though I got to Utah on Saturday I really don't have anything to show of it until Sunday. These are pictures from after church when everyone was taking lots of pictures. This is Grandma and I.

There was lots of photographing of children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren.

This is my cousin.
These are his sisters.

Here's their Mom and Grandma.

I was a little bummed that Sunday lunch was sandwiches...

But dinner was BYU Food Services' famous chicken cordon bleu (plus corndogs for the kids! which I stole!)

It was my niece Rachel's birthday and so all the workers sang her the Aspen Grove Happy Birthday song. As you can see, Rachel had her own concerns with a couple dozen strangers singing to her.


One of my goals at Aspen Grove was to improve my relationship with the little people I'm related to. As you can see here, Blake and Rachel regarded me with no suspicion at all.

Monday they had the Aspen Follies, the big camp-wide family game day.

I got a little distracted by the new (to me) Western Town out on the big field.

"Oh, hello there. I'm Brigham's mom."


When I was 16 I won the Big Breather Competition in that pool, and the Slam Dunk Competition, and earned (easily) the Mile Swim Award. Pretty much I won all the swimming trophies they had.

Blogger is not cooperating with my vertical images right now, but Greg was really jumping.


Mmm. Minipizzas! Much better than the old minipizzas.

You know who was at dinner Tuesday night? Jon, my camp counselor from when I was 16! Amazing! We're still totally pals.

Tuesday night I snuck down to Provo for some tacos. During dinner there was a dispute over whether or not digital cameras have a shutter and these pictures are from when I was proving to others (and myself) that there was a shutter in my camera.

Cassian & Emily at the Dairy Queen.


Seriously, Blogger. Why are you being so difficult? Anyway, here's a sideways picture of the car my folks rented. They thought they were so cool.

Wednesday all the kids spent all day with their groups so that the adults could celebrate Steak Lunch Day!

And Greg did the ropes course.

And my other Grandma showed up for a bit! With Emily!

Those kids, again.

Me, my Grandmas, and chicken and salmon dinner.

Then the whole family played Catchphrase! Do you know what word I got? "Castrate." I'm not kidding! What if Grandma had gotten that word? Or Rachel?


Lunch! Hamburgers from the grill! YES!

You might not be able to tell, but that's Cousin David with a slice of watermelon on a bun. Seriously.

Even fueled by two cheeseburgers and a hotdog, I got really worn out on our teeny tiny family hike.

See? I was dying!

This is the beautiful view after I gave up early and headed back to camp.

A coward's dinner.

Me and Mom. I was leaving. Why?

Because there was a free Peter Bjorn and John concert that night and I wanted to go! Cassian picked me up and we drove through the dark and stormy rains to sunny Salt Lake City.

Cheryl and Andrew were there.

And Brigham and Andrew were there.

And Brigham and Cheryl were there. Pretty much all three of us were there.

And look, Cindy! Carl was there! I spied him!

The show was great. Much better than expected. Even Andrew liked it.

Oh! Caroline was there!

And Cassian and Jeannine, too.

We went back to Cheryl's afterwards to eat Carl's Jr. and I ran into some girls I knew from Tokyo.


On Friday the rest of my family came up to Salt Lake because Aspen Grove ended Friday morning. This is my only picture from that whole day: Dropping Grandma off at the airport.

And that, dear readers, was my vacation.


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, seeing that picture you snuck of Carl was so thrilling for me! So was seeing the famous chicken cordon bleu. I want to eat that so bad right now!

Kristen said...

Brig- it's Jimmy with the watermelon hamburger. Blake and Rachel said they had fun with you at Aspen Grove.

mandarin said...

andrew! i haven't seen andrew in forever.

brigham, i figured i would say hello to you since i have not in a while. hello! great pictures. i'm glad i am not the only one who takes beautiful pictures of the food i eat.