Thursday, August 16, 2007

Best Busy Workshop

Big turnout for Family Home Evening Monday night because we've got a Pinewood Derby coming up and it was car building time! I guarantee You've never seen so many happy fellows at an FHE.

It was hard to get anyone to face the camera as they were all so into their car making.




My money is on* Mike's uncarved penny car

*Ha! Actually, it's not my money, it's his money!

or Jeff's clever creation.

Also, that night I was assigned to give the spiritual thought to kick the evening off with. It was easy, I just went to and searched for "race" and "pinewood" in the Gospel Library. Lots of hits, lots. I read a couple of stories, the last being "Winning the Pinewood Derby" from the 2000 Ensign. When I read this story I thought it was nice enough--just the tale of a boy who asks his Dad to sabotage their fast car so that a handicapped scout could win a race--but when I read this part out loud for everyone I kept laughing:

I glanced over at Steve, a boy with disabilities, sitting quietly on the sidelines with his car cradled in his arms. From the appearance of his car, he must had done most of the work himself.

Because when I read this my brain couldn't help but think, "Wait a second! The dad just said that the car looked like a handicapped kid made it!" You know? Thanks for the sensitivity lesson, overachiever dad. I bet you're from Gilbert...oh, wait! Tempe. Close enough.

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Kimberly said... dad is not an overachiever!