Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Best Changing of the Guard + Bonus Retro Changing of the Guard

Since 2002 I've had a sneaker of choice, the New Balance 498. I don't know how long I was wearing my 3rd least 2 years, as far as I can remember. It gets harder and harder to find 498s (I don't think they make them anymore) so I had been tempted to move up to the 992 or 2001, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. But fortunately I found a pair at a little sports equipment store on the Lower East Side last week so, finally, I've got a new pair of shoes and they're a lot cleaner and have much more intact soles than the old ones.

Old Shoes:

New Shoes:

BONUS Before I had a blog I went to London, where, quite ceremoniously, I left my first pair of 498s on my hotel's balcony on my last night there and tied on my second pair for the first time.

Old Old Shoes Getting Peaced-Out by Matt:

The Old New Shoes Sitting on a Bed with Other Stuff:

And the funny thing is I was just complaining that there was nothing on the Internet to look at!

PS No, I don't have any pictures from when I replaced my second pair with the third pair. Sorry. Stop crying.

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Don said...

You know what I like about this? Same shoes, same model… just a different year. “Walk on!”