Monday, August 20, 2007

Best Big Mouth Strikes Again

You'll never guess where I took the train to last week...

No, really. I did.

You see, this email went around over the weekend saying they were looking for male volunteers to go up to Girl's Camp during the week and I made some lame jokes* about me going up for a day since I hadn't anything else to do AND next thing I know I'm being actually asked to actually go to Girl's Camp so I decided to actually do it (as I was asked so nicely)

*Not too different from the lame jokes about the need for a new Elders' Quorum President that apparently...well, you know the rest of that story. Or not.

First things first: Had to set up my tent.

There, that wasn't so hard.

My neighborhood.

I sort of had this scenario in my mind that I'd go to Girls Camp and everyone would really think I was awesome and I'd make friends with all the girls and all the counselors. That's not really what happened. It was more like the counselors introduced themselves to me nicely and then I sat and read for the rest of the time...and if I wasn't reading, I was walking around and taking pictures of primarily inanimate objects. Not too many pictures of the girls camping because I didn't really want to be that guy.

One thing that was fun was going down to the lake during the swim tests to watch all the girls refuse to take their swim tests or ask their counselor to bring them Bandaids.

Err, the camp boat lacked use.

Do you know what this is? A birdhouse? NO! It's a BAT house! The girls didn't like this.

This friendly guy kept popping up. He was wondering what dinner was.

Sorry, pal. Dinner was: Foil Dinners. !

Can you spot the basketball sized foil dinner in this picture?

Actually, it wasn't so bad. I was that hungry.

Not much later it was dark. It took so long to cook everyone's foil dinners (you know, for about 65 people) that there wasn't really any campfire fun or anything.

I think my camera's "starry sky" setting is a bit of a lie.

Ok, morning of the next day. Do you know how I took this picture? I took it by adjusting the shutter speed on my camera. I'm getting that tricky.

The girls were packing up their hiking lunches as I was leaving. So long, Girls Camp. I really read a whole lot of my book when I was with you.


mandarin said...

that's pretty awesome brig. the girls in my young women's crew would totally have chatted with you. they're ridiculously chatty.

Tannerama said...

That dog reminds me of a dog on my mission who loved the missionaries. He wasn't owned by anyone in particular. So, I like to think that he was like our pet.

His name was Beaner. He was a good dog.

Brig said...

Amanda-I'll see if I can be transferred to MN next Summer.

Tanner-I knew a dog like that named Rocky. Maybe Beaner and Rocky were 2 of the 3 Nephites?