Monday, August 13, 2007

Best Chuckles of the Summer

Man, Friday night I saw the Simpsons movie and I just chuckled and chuckled (perhaps even giggled?) the whole time through. It was great and made me almost want to start watching it every week again. Instead I'll probably just wait for another good Simpsons movie to be made.

ALSO Dave's got his Daft Punk report up now, check it out!


Cindy said...

Spiderpig! Spiderpig!

Brig said...

Everyone's crazy about Spiderpig! He's like the new "O.R. they?"

M said...

finally, brigham, a movie that can bring us together. i was amused throughout as well. although that said, it's not a movie you have to see in the theatre. in fact, maybe it is better at home when you can rewind it to catch all the peripheral jokes. my second favorite part (after spiderpig of course) is the general/bellman scene.

Brig said...

General Marriott Suites?
I liked the super glue joke right after that.

And maybe when Grampa said "It's just like that crazy old man at church predicted!'