Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best Wait Well Worth It

Remember how I couldn't wait to see King of Kong?

Well, I saw it with a bunch of friends Saturday night and it was just as awesome as I had hoped. Perhaps even more? Two men fighting to own the World Donkey Kong Record, villainy, nobility...this movie had it all. What a perfect subject for a documentary, and now I hear the director is thinking of making it into a feature film? Sounds great, just as long as they don't cast Will Farrell and Ben Stiller in the leads.

You've got to run out and see this movie when it comes to your neighborhood. The twists to the plot and the suspense and the gaming and all the different characters...it was too much...a few times I had to make punching and choking gestures at the screen I hated some of these people so much. Others, however, I loved. Does anyone have Steve Wiebe's address? I want to send him a letter.

And even though he's such a bad guy, I also think Billy Mitchell is pretty awesome.

His one pal, though, at the arcade. The one that kept talking about the kill screen? He's the worst one.

UPDATE Just learned that the producer of King of Kong also produced New York Doll. It all makes so much sense!


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

This film was strongly recommended to me by others of your viewing party. I guess it must be legit.

Kimberly said...

Yes I would recommend it also, but apparently, like most films, the film doesn't tell the whole story. Steve Wiebe is no longer the reigning champion either (when I got home Saturday night, I checked out the twin galaxies website...I'm such a nerd). I must say I do love that scene though when they showed Billy Mitchell combing his hair...one of the best parts!