Friday, May 11, 2007

Best Southern Hemisphere Adventure

So, I am in Australia. I've been here over 36 hours now. But this report is to be a report on my first day here.

First of all, my flight from LA to Sydney. Sorry to those who were hoping for another business-class blowout, I kept it proletariat back in seat 56A. Fortunately there was an empty seat next to me, so the flight was minimally miserable. I even slept for a few hours at some point when my body just gave up on being awake.

My meals.

Upon arriving in Sydney I was given a thorough going over by the folks at customs but it turns out I was not the grub-smuggling scoundrel they were looking for.

Outside, my friend and host Jeff was waiting for me in his Ford Falcon. (please note the key difference between this photo and the one from yesterday of Grant picking me up from LAX)

Soon I was at my temporary home on Bondi Beach.

Let me introduce you to the view...

Yeah, not such a rough place to lodge.

I headed out and explored the neighborhood. I don't know if the CM Store is an official Cheap Mondays store, but it was definitely full of Cheap Mondays.

As you might know, I'm a sucker for specialty fastfood sandwiches in foreign lands, so I couldn't help but make a McOz my first Australian meal. The main gimic to the McOz is that it features a slice of beet (or "beet root" as they call it here) on the burger. Guess what? It's no Ebi Filet-O

Then I went down to the beach.

I admired the graffiti.

I went back to the apartment soon after that. I wasn't all that jet-lagged, but just tired from having spent 30hrs getting to Sydney, so I just chilled and read and stuff. An ideal vacation.

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Cindy said...

Who is this Jeff fellow?

Maybe you could post some more pictures of graffiti?