Thursday, May 17, 2007

Best Southern Hemisphere Adventure, Day 5

Sunday. First we went to church. Let's talk about church in Sydney. Jeff goes to a YSA (they loved calling themselves "YSA") branch on the second floor of an office building right off Hyde Park (geeze, what city [not counting New York] doesn't have a Hyde Park?) From the sign inside the lobby, you'd think we were headed to an accountant's office or something. Mother's Day talks were given and Jeff gave back to back Sunday School/Elders' Quorum Lessons. Here's something I learned: do not let your Elders' Quorum lesson go over, rowdiness will ensue.

After church we had a proper vacation-rules lunch at the Hungry Jack's down the street.

Then we went and saw the cliffs, anchors, cannons, beaches, coves, lighthouses, and such near and around South Head.

Totally not pictured: that night we had dinner with members of Jeff's branch and the dinner was Australian tacos!


mimi said...

oh so you only break the sabbath when you're on vacation? good for you. i break it all the time.

Anonymous said...

i heart jr. for life.