Friday, May 11, 2007

Best Southern Hemisphere Adventure, Day 2

On Thursday morning (Wednesday afternoon to all the rest of you) I had been hoping to go to the zoo but it was kind of rainy and just not perfect zoo weather so I explored downtown Sydney. Perhaps the things I saw (public art, statues of who knows who, unimportant roofs) were not on many Sydney Must-See Lists, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

I met with Jeff for lunch. Down here there's this chain called Oporto that specializes in "Portuguese Chicken." Their signature item is the "Bondi Burger" ("burger" doesn't have to mean "not chicken" down here) The Bondi Burger features a special spicy sauce that Australians talk about as if it were brewed up by the devil himself. Were you to taste it yourself you'd wonder what they were so worried about. Too bad I couldn't be bothered to make sure my picture of the Bondi Burger was in focus.

After lunch I walked 90% of the way back to Bondi Beach from the City before catching a bus. Without a map. I couldn't be prouder of my sense of direction...even if I didn't know the name of the direction I was headed.

Australia: Decidedly not Mac friendly.

Australia rejects new-rave once and for all!

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Niall said...

Tell me you bought the "falcon of love"!