Friday, May 18, 2007

Best Southern Hemisphere Adventure, Day 6

Well, it's Friday morning here in Australia and while all you Americans are getting ready for the Office finale I'm getting ready to get ready for a terribly convoluted series of flights back to New York. It is a rainy and dreary morning, but here are pictures from Monday, which was a glorious sunny beach day and this is how I like to remember my residency on Bondi.

Like I said, glorious sunny beach day on Bondi:

After plenty of Bondi I took the cliff walk to Bronte beach (past the Bondi Icebergs [swim club and restaurant], a cliff dweller encampment and Tamarama beach).

I swam in this pool with all the grandmas and greatgrandmas.

And then I headed up the road to the magnificent cliffside cemetery.

Look how pensive it made me!

Then I returned to Bronte (passing some serious homes), ate chips and fish, and stopped taking pictures. (when I have more time I need to post a video of me and seagulls from that afternoon)

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mimi said...

What a great time!!! Promise next time to take me along! Perhaps we really should go to Mexique. Unless you are too busy savoring
the cuisines of distant Asian and Oceanic countries.