Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Best Seventeenth Gathering

After a too-long, Australia-induced hiatus, the 12th Street Guitar Hero Fanciers' Association reconvened Tuesday night to begin our summer gatherings.

But that...Cindy from Seattle?

And that...Rebecca from San Francisco?

Yes! Believe it or not, both Cindy of Goose Girl and Rebecca of The New Awesome are both in New York and their first order of business was to get their rock on. The nice thing about having these two here in town is you can expect triple coverage of everything that happens for the next handful of days. The cross-posting you're going to be dealing with (assuming you already check all three of our blogs) is going to be outrageous! More hits for everyone!

Rock n Roll!


bex said...

the internet is about to explode!!!

Cindy said...

Hey, it's like 3's Company over here.

mimi said...

anything jeff butler does is the thing to do.