Monday, May 21, 2007

Best Creepiness

Have you seen the picture of the Joker from the Dark Knight (the Batman Begins sequel) that was released this weekend? Oh man. It's spooky, like a John Wayne Gacy clown painting come to life. I'm guessing Nolan is going to give us a very scary, very twisted Joker. How predictable.

Here's a link to the Joker picture, I'm not going to post it out here because it is, as I said, creepy.

You know, I remember liking Batman Begins but have never felt inclined to see it again. I mostly remember seeing a lot of the color brown.

Oh, wait, I did some searching and here's what I wrote about Batman Begins when I saw it:

And Last night I finally saw Batman Begins. Not so bad, really. So different from the other Batman movies (especially the first one) in that it didn't seem to contain any moments that junior high boys would be going "Oh man! And remember when Batman did This? Or when he did That?" Compared to the Joker being pulled from a helicopter by a gargoyle tied to his leg, the dispatching of this film's villains is quite underwhelming. So not your typical comic book movie that it could have been called Law and Order: Gotham Superhero Unit. Yet, like the original Batman, Batman Begins did contain lousy "I've got to get one of those!" sorts of lines.

And it was just weird when he'd lie down to drive the Batmobile. Reminded me a little of Condorman, but not enough.

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JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Many would call you sick for asserting that Batman Begins is anything less than the Batman Original film. I would call you enlightened.

Scrumpestuous D said...

Wow, nice Condorman reference. I actually transferred our VHS recording of it (taped in 1988) on to a DVD at Christmas. That's how much I like that movie.

Tannerama said...

I've seen Batman Begins like 7 or 8 times. It is one of my favorite movies ever.

I actually enjoyed the fact that they took the time to make Bruce Wayne a person rather than the afterthought he was in all the movies.

Joker does look super creepy. And I am super excited to see it.

Brooke said...

How very archetypal he looks. I can't wait! Mostly to see more of Christian Bale in action. I mean Batman. I adore the original Batman. But both films are so different that I love them each in their own way.

mitch said...

oh...brigham, that joker face creeps me out. i hope it goes away from my head.