Thursday, April 05, 2007

Best XIIIth Gathering: The Post

Tuesday Night. The Thirteenth Gathering of the 12th Street Guitar Hero Fanciers' Association. How can you even insinuate that something unlucky would happen at a Fanciers' Association gathering? It was nothing but good news and good sportsmanship (musicianship?).

To start things off, look who made it to his first meeting: Paul. Seriously. (and it's worth noting that Collin made the leap from Medium to Hard this week)

Another new member, Kristi, gets a hand from old-hand Gabe.

And the Fanciers' let forth hearty cheers when Brooke showed up with ice cream sandwiches for all.

Also, I played Freebird for the first time in a few weeks tonight. I didn't spend a moment in the Red . . . but didn't necessarily turn out an impressive score, either. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Not that many pictures, but its better than nothing, right? (sort of makes you wonder what happened to the 12th Gathering, huh?)

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