Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Best Pair of Mexican Meals

Let me teach you about two great Mexican meals I've had in Chicago.

First, Saturday the family went to Las Fuentes. This was my second trip to Las Fuentes during my visit to Chicago. That's how beloved Las Fuentes is to us.

Greg and Emily.

Mom and Dad.

Some taquitos.

The nachos I dream of from New York.

The salsa that is king.

Pollo al Chipotle.

Then on Monday Mom and I visited Tio Luis, which the Chicago Tribune declared the home to the top tacos in Chicago. Best? Honestly, who knows. But definitely very good.


Me (look how happy tacos make me! look how happy tacos ALWAYS make me!)

When the tacos came out, I felt that perhaps I had over-ordered.

We also had a gordita.

Truest words.


scrumpestuous d said...

I second that last statement.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Estos son las palabras mas verdaderas en el mundo. Siento esto muy fuerte.

Mitch said...

and i third it. mmm...mexican food. i miss you.

Brig said...

I've started a testimony meeting!