Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best Destination Dinner

Tuesday night, dinner at:


The diners:



The Dinner:


Shishito den Miso.

Duck Springrolls.

New Style Sashimi.

Rock Shrimp Tempura.

King Crab Tempura.

Washu Beef.

Broiled Black Cod with Miso.

The Dessert:

Chocolate Souffle Bento Box.

The Coconut Bomb. This picture is too confusing. It was icecream encased in a coconut sorbet shell sitting on a cookie thing in a deep bowl filled with yogurt.

Warm Sticky Date Pudding Cake.

The Space:

Post-dinner, as the restaurant had begun to clear out.

So, yes. Nobu is undoubtedly one of New York's most famous restaurants (and therefore . . . one of the world's most famous restaurants?). Cynics would put it down for all sorts of reasons, even go so far as to call it a chain, but let me tell you what I know: My dinner was decadent, my dinner was delicious. I would do it again. But on a different night, because apparently celebrities don't dine there on Tuesdays.

Almost my favorite thing that I ate were the greens that garnished a number of the dishes. Next time I'm ordering more vegetables.

And I feel I owe you this additional bit of an explanation: In her free time, Lexia is a hostess at Nobu. In addition to her hefty discount, her fellow employees gifted us our appetizers and desserts.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

amazing. You got the Cod. I love that freakin' Cod.

Melissa said...

i miss nyc.....i miss nobu. i was just out to dinner last night and talking about nobu to fellow comrades here in utah! its like our minds were n'sync, brigham!

Lexia said...

I can't believe they resurrected Sticky Date Pudding Cake just for me. The desserts were the best part. Next time I go, I'm having the Beef Tobanyaki and lobster salad. Sigh...'til then Nobu-son.

Anonymous said...

I have to know Brigham...which dessert was the best? They all look awful tasty.


Brig said...

There was something utterly ridiculous yet amazing about the coconut bomb.

mimi said...

this blog should be called "brigham eating out." we would read it even more.