Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Best Coincidence?

Saturday evening (post-afternoon session, pre-Priesthood session) Jeff, Collin, Rich, and I made a mad dash to La Casa de Los Tacos. The location was a little inconvenient to our needs, but it was like invisible hands were drawing us there.

I call these pictures: "Have you seen the new Ensign? Oh man, you haven't seen the new Ensign?"

Upon arriving at La Casa, we ate heartily and quickly before running off to our next meetings.

(you'll notice in the corner of this photo that Stephen met up with us for the meal)

But do you know what I discovered later that night? That March 31st (the day that all this was happening) had been declared "Dia del Taco" in Mexico. Without my brain even knowing it, my heart was celebrating Mexico's newest national holiday. (Check out this ad for Dia del Taco)

This post might seem a little light, but that's just because behind the scenes I'm getting an LCD Soundsystem blowout ready.

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