Monday, April 30, 2007

Best Pre-Birthday Weekend

On Friday night, a vast and complicated consipiracy of acting, lies, trickery, and deceit lead me to my first ever Surprise Party (that is, first ever to be held in my honor) at Le Pere Pinard on Ludlow. All my NYC VIPs were there (save those exploring Europe), it was astounding. Well done, amigos. Thank you all.

Erin, Collin, Jeff, Liesel.

Emily, Orson, Sariah.

Michelle, Me, Karen, Jared.

Jared and Patricia. A vital Brooklyn connection was made.

After dinner some of us went and saw Year of the Dog. Don't let the trailer fool you, it isn't as lighthearted and cute as it seems. Things get crazy towards the end. The lesson: Don't like dogs. It will save you some trouble.

Saturday Night: Missionaries and bowling balls. This can only mean one thing...

Ward Bowling Night! Woooo!

I'll refrain from captioning all these pictures so that you'll never know whose names I don't recall.

(most of those pictures were taken by Collin. Good work.)

After the bowling some of us went and saw a movie called Take at the Tribeca Film Festival. It was good (and when I say "good" I mean well made, but full of great intensity and you would not want to let your Mom see it because she would cry and cry). That said, I hope it finds its audience.

Well, it's 12:06 now, so it's my birthday and my Facebook wall is exloding into a flurry of well-wishing. It was a good Pre-Birthday weekend that I had, and I'm going to have quite the actual birthday. If you haven't already heard what I'm doing tonight, I won't tell you right now, because you wouldn't believe me. But it's going to be pretty dang cool.


JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Trevor can put on a very menacing face...I want to use him in a movie.

Oh, Happy Birthday

Sariah said...

my eyes! my eyes! well, you know how i feel about having my picture taken for the internet. but i will let it slide because it was your BIRTHDAY!!! I am so glad it was a good pre-birthday weekend.


Cindy said...

I'm on Facebook!

M said...

clearly, whatever i was saying to ryan must have been truly fascinating. wish i could remember what it was.

and thanks again for your discretion in not posting photos which unfairly mispresent my person. someone else (who shall remain nameless but who recently posted a close up of me) could learn a thing or two from you. although, in all fairness, he posts bad photos of himself as well.

Brig said...

Except I think said anonymous person delites in mugging