Monday, April 09, 2007

Best Brief Getaway Weekend

Here's the deal. Rocky and Michelle have been living in Philadelphia for the past two years. Andrew has been living with the Indians. Rocky flew Andrew out to Philadelphia for the weekend. I decided to join them for some of the reuniting. I caught a Chinatown bus Friday afternoon.

And less than 2.25 hours later I was in Philadelphia. It was almost too easy. And only a few dollars more than a cab ride from 46th street to my house.

I wandered the area for a moment while waiting for Rocky and Andrew to pick me up.

And then it was time to start a whirlwind tour through US history. For starters, this is where Ben Franklin's dead body lives.

And this is a long-distance spy photo of the Liberty Bell.

And this is a long-distance spy photo of that place where they wrote that thing.

And this is a long-distance spy photo of the new Constitution Museum they've got in Philadelphia.

Rocky took us to their Washington Square.

This is their Washington.

Back at the house, Andrew taught Rocky to play a song about a camel on the guitar.

Friday happened to be Michelle's birthday, so Andrew and I got to join Rocky and Michelle for a tasty birthday dinner at Rembrandt's.

A total bonus: Apparently Rembrandt himself was there that night! (that's him on the left)

Post-dinner we celebrated Michelle's birthday with a super-rich cake they had been working on since the night before.

Something that was discovered that weekend: Andrew is a Settlers fiend. This photo was taken during one game while he decided what to do with the 32 cards in his hand. 32!

Even Rocky's kids couldn't believe it.

Saturday we went to this market to get some Philadelphia cheesecakes.

Rocky would later confess to Andrew and I that what we ate were not the finest cheesecakes in all of Philadelphia, but these sandwiches got the idea across to us pretty well.

That afternoon Andrew and I visited the old prison. I mean, we visited the free parts of the old museum. There was a video playing in their that we watched for a whole hour and I feel it really taught us all we needed to know about the place.

Shortly after that I had to catch my bus home to New York (which got me there in, like, 1.99 hours (including a mysterious 10 minute stop at the side of the road)). It was a fine trip to Philadelphia that I took and I would love to get to know this city of brotherly love even better some day.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's me or the baby talking, but that cheese steak sandwich looks amazing.

Your pal, Jenna

Brig said...

Shhhh, Jenna. Don't you remember? Your baby is a secret.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

They were dropping off crack for someone to pick up. That's what happened when my Chinese bus driver stopped and dropped little paper baggies on the road every half hour or so.

D/B/c/m said...

i used to live across the street from that prison and love that area...thanks for the reminder.

dave and just got back from NY tonight and thought of you while we were there. you are so lucky to live there--such a great city.

Joey said...

I am currently away from Ashley and our two kids, Isaac and Georgie, right now, working in the emergency room at the largest military facility in the world: Ft. Hood, Texas. I'm only gone for 3 weeks, but even that feels like forever. I was thinking about Ashley and everything that she means to me when I remembered that it was you, almost 5 years ago, that brought us together. If you hadn't stopped by to make sure that I was coming to your kick-A 80s hair-metal birthday part on April 30, 2002, I don't know if ever would have met and married that amazing girl. Then when Rocky e-mailed me to tell me about you and Andrew coming for a visit, I figured it was the hand of Providence letting me know that it was time to thank Brigham. So, thank you. Thank you. Glad you had fun hanging out with the Garffs. If you ever want to visit the Alamo and the nasty one-trick-pony faux-Venice thing we have going on here in San Anton, you are most welcome.