Monday, October 30, 2006

Brig in Japan

Last week my friend Cheryl

Invited me to fly here

On one of these

It was only this far

This is where I sat

And this is what I ate

It wasn't hard for the other passengers to figure out who the new guy in First Class was. It was me, the one taking all the pictures and freaking out over how big the bathroom was.

I could make my seat make so many shapes

Back to eating

Mr. Suzuki got the window seat, so I don't have so many pictures like this

I really liked my nightmask.

Japan is different from the United States in so many ways. For example, they want to know if you're bringing swords and opium into their country.

So the plane lands and then . . .HOly Cow! . . . I was in Japan! Getting there only took me 29 years.

I was barely there a minute before I was crammed into public transportation

Checking out bizarre beverages in vending machines

And making peace signs in photos

From the airport we took the Narita Express into Tokyo.

Cheryl had been in Norway earlier that week, so she had all this Norweigan candy

Also, a big bag of vegetables she was always trying to force on me

Then we took the Bullet Train(!!!!!!!) from Shinagawa station to the Land of Kyoto.

So many tickets, So Confusing.


We stayed at a Hotel, Japanese style.

I don't look like I've been traveling for a long, long time, do I?

We snuck out to take a glance at the town before calling it a day. There was a big temple across the street from us. That's what Kyoto is, a town full of temples and castles and such.

Nearby there was an arcade that needed to be investigated.

Only now did I notice they had Tetris: The Gland Master there.

Quite Popular: Arcade games where the machine reads cards that you place on it and move around to control your armies and attack your foes. It's like Magic: The Gathering the Arcade Battle.

If you think Las Vegas is depressing, then you need to visit a Pachinko Parlor in the middle of the night, lit up like the afternoon, music blaring, and a bunch of old people obsessing over little metal balls.

I should have this trip completely accounted for by June.


Cindy said...

You sure you weren't in Seattle? That looks a whole lot like the Space Needle.

Scott said...

You lucky piece...
I did much of my mission in Kyoto, and it's one of my favorite cities in the world, and a place to which I have not returned since, unfortunately.

Smash said...

Did you go to The Grudge house? Because, if you did, you are probably going to have weird ghosty Japanese children following you around and popping up in the most inopportune times.

Brig said...


Remember how I had like 12 pictures of you and the vegetables on my camera? I'm pretty sure this was the one you "liked" the best.


I wish I had known this before. I could have used some serious Kyoto advice (you'll see what I mean once I get my Kyoto post up tomorrow or the day after)

Anonymous said...

Shoot! I was trying to figure out how to erase my post when you responded so fast! I was going to act like my eqo was not wounded. You know, quietly ignore it. I'm too good for that, I'm too cool to post comments on Brigham's blog. Busted.

And Scott, you are busted too. Where were you when Brigs was sending out messages to the universe requesting info on Japan?

bex said...

what happened to the title of this post?

Brig said...

Not all titles follow the "Best ___" model. Consider my occasional "Worst" posts or my "It's Always Better on Holiday" series. A brand new category of post titling has been invented just for Japan, the "Brig in Japan" series. Must I point out there is punnery at work in the title?

Heather said...

These are amazing....I loved all your pictures of the plane food. Quite impressive.

I am anxious to see more photos. I simply can't say enough about your thorough attitude toward blogging and life in general. Yet another great quality of Brig.