Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best Additional Information

I bet you thought I told you everything about my New Hampshire weekend, huh? Well, I was saving something to tell you now . . .

In New Hampshire I went to the most amazing grocery store, and apparently it is part of a chain of amazing grocery stores. The store was called "Shaws"

It was not just amazing because of the Candy Mummy

Or because it stocked Moxie (Do you have any idea how gross Moxie is? Do you, really?)

Or that they had a Mac's Rib Shack

Or because I went on a Rampage of Death there

It was amazing because it was so amazingly Family/Kid/Mom Friendly. For example, there was free onsite babysitting.

AND, say you're a nervous Mom nervous about leaving your kids with a babysitter at the grocery store. Well, luckily for you, there are child-monitoring monitors throughout the grocery store.

AND, say you're a really uptight Mom (the kind that all the neighborhood kids can't stand), well, there was a Candy and Tabloid free lane for you.


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Sariah said...

i don't know how gross moxies is. but now i am curious to find out.