Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Best Hot New Tracks

I guess in all honesty I only consider one of these tracks to be "hot." But I had to get your attention somehow.

"Show Me What You Got," the first song to leak off of Jay-Z's upcoming "Kingdom Come." I don't dig it, but maybe it'll grow on me and I'll take that back in a few weeks or days.

"XR2," a new track by M.I.A. Its got fire, but not totally what you'd expect.

"Herculean," the first song I've heard by Damon Albarn's new group, The Good, The Bad, and the Queen. This song is not exciting.

These are all YouSendIt links, so they've got a limited lifetime.


Cache said...

what, you can't get yourself to write about anything these days? all you can do is post mp3s? this is a new low.

Cache said...

yeah, i agree with cache. you are lucky he still wants to be friends.

Anonymous said...

shoot, that was supposed to be anonymous.