Saturday, October 07, 2006

Best Promotion of an Operating System that I Will Not Be Using

I hope I'm not the last person to know about this, but Demetri Martin is involved in promoting Microsoft's new operating system. He's making these webisodes, I don't know what they have to do with the new Windows, but I do know that this one, the first one, was rather funny and made me a little jealous. So, I suggest you watch it today like it's a Saturday morning cartoon. Because this stuff takes internet video ads for operating systems to a new level and, most importantly, left me wondering what would happen next!

This is the site where Demetri promotes Windows Vista. I enjoyed my visit there.
This is the Steady Mobbin' post where I told the story of my lunch with Demetri last year.


Matt said...

So calm, yet intense! "I was going to only share the cool parts, but I can't do that either."

Brig said...

"You stay out of this!!" (yelling at pregnant lady's belly)