Saturday, June 04, 2005

Best Silly Internet Video

Do you know how people are always forwarding you videos, pictures, or stories that they think are so funny and you're like "Hmm, maybe"? Like, that's all the internet is, people forwarding allegedly funny things, right? And do you know what I pretty much never ever post at Steady Mobbin'? Funny internet videos, pictures, and stories. But I'm posting a funny video now. Because it is too dang funny. (The link wasn't working, so you'll have to cut and paste it)

Just when you thought all the funny advertisements had died, along comes this. I kind of wonder if it's real, or one of them, what are they called, the commercials ad companies make to show that "Hey, we can make ads, hire us!" Now I must ask, how is it that Napoleon Dynamite is a movie but this commercial isn't?

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