Sunday, June 05, 2005

Best Post Dedicated to Rebekah


You said you wanted a shout-out, so I'm shouting-out atcha. On Sunday your old roommates had a bunch of us over to the new place to eat hamburgers on the roof. As you know, the building you decided not to live at is the sickest apartment building in Lower Manhattan and the amenities offered to its humble tenants and their guests are mind boggling. Here's some pictures of us all post-dinner on the roof. Please note that we decided to eat on the side of the roof that does not have the lawn . . . maybe next time? Everyone hopes you like it in California, with the beach and all that stuff you pretend is so much greater than living in little apartments and having Taxis honk at you and mice run over you in your sleep.

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Everyone looks nice in this photo, right? But Erin looks a little, uhm, different from everyone else, doesn't she?

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That's because she really wanted to be flipping her hair in the picture, this is the best shot I caught with my camera (on Natalie's camera I got a near-perfect flip)

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To the Rest of My Regular Readers: Get used to seeing pictures from Erin and Liesel and Amber and Natalie's apartment building because it is the place to be this summer. Must I repeat myself: the roof, it has a lawn. A lawn. And views of everything.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sending me a piece of NYC! I've gotta say, by the looks of those pictures, it looks like way more fun than sunning myself at the beach. Will you start a "Bi-Coastal Bek" fund that will raise $ to fly me to NY to be with you all? Think about it!!!!

M said...

Just be forewarned that I (along with everyone else in my office building with an east-facing window) can see everything happening on the lawn. So be sure to wave next time you are up there.