Thursday, June 23, 2005

Best Attempt to Clear Up Nerd Situation

I've realized that yesterday I wrote that I stayed up all Saturday night playing Pokemon Puzzle League with Matt and Mike. Then it dawned on me that the majority of my readers might take that the Lemmons and I spent all night sitting in a circle with a big stack of cards with little cartoon creatures on them, battling it out to see who was the ultimate Pokemon master, or whatever it is that you battle it out for with the Pokemon cards. But that wasn't what we were doing. No, we were doing something much more respectable and cool. We were staying up all night playing an oldish Nintendo 64 Tetris-like videogame "starring" Pokemon characters called Pokemon Puzzle League. It's probably the most intense Tetris-like videogame there is, and if you ever played it and took the time to learn it's "intricacies" then you'd surely understand why it had to be that we spent all night playing the game. Also, for some reason, I had a really good and long winning streak against the far more skilled Mike and Matt, but that was due to some sort of bizarre brief aligning of the Pokemon Puzzle League cosmos.

So, now that I've cleared that up, I'm sure you can all go back to thinking I'm not a nerd at all.

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ian said...

Embrace the nerdcore!