Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Best Excess in Discretion

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As you may recall, yesterday was a big day for Michael Jackson. Here at work we all snuck into an attorney's office and watched far too much of the verdict coverage. Later, as I stepped out of the groundfloor elevator to leave work I found myself face to face with a wall of newscameras and reporters and newstrucks outside the front doors of the building. Security directed all employees out side exits as the media waited for someone to come forward to make some sort of comment on the verdict.

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Now, I don't mean to post nearly identical photos, but do you see the gentleman in the hat on the left side of this photo? As I walked down Madison towards the subway (passing cars who's occupants were yelling "Michael Jackson Free! Michael Jackson Free!") he was walking right alongside me and suddenly I found myself face to face with the Reverand Al Sharpton coming the other direction. The fellow in the hat stopped walking, I assumed out of awe and wonder (as I was struck with nearly the same feeling) and Al said to him "What's going on, are they giving you trouble?" I assume Sharpton didn't mean to be asking the guy if, in general, people gave him trouble, but the inquiry had to do with the press assembled in front of the building. Were I not so determined to go home, I may have stuck around to see if Sharpton was going to be making a statement for the reporters, or whatever.

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UPDATE Turns out that it was an Al Sharpton news conference thrown by Al Sharpton. And that the wall of reporters was only a scrum. According to the Chicago Tribune.


Anonymous said...

Almost worth it to see what he might say, yes.

on another note, and please take this in the best possible spirit, I believe that your extensive use of the descriptive words "best" and "most" is running a little rampant. Every time I read a new post I am faced with the absolutism that is your everyday life. It is hard for one to handle who is unused to a constant high-life. Also, it seems to be a little bit of exaggeration.

Anywho, keep up the best most awesome bloggin' ever.

-righters bloc ryan

Brig said...

Ah, but perhaps you miss the point. If Steady Mobbin' were a fastfood chain, all we'd serve would be BestBurgers, BestBurgersWithCheese and ChickenBestFillets. The way I see it, for my readers, anything less than the best is a felony.

Anonymous said...

I'll let it slide since this is supposed to be the best summer ever.

Lauren said...

So this is kind of irrelevant to the comments posted and, yes Brigham, anything less than the best IS a felony...

But Reghan saw the ol' Rev'rend, too. It was last Monday night near 45th and Madison.