Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Best Mom I've Ever Had

UPDATED It has been confirmed. Today is definitely my Mom's birthday. If you've had the pleasure of meeting her, perhaps you should leave a birthday greeting in the comments? Or maybe you haven't met her, but think I'm pretty cool, then you've got to know some of that must come from her, and that's grounds enough for a shout-out, don't you think?

Unless I'm totally, totally wrong, today is my Mom's birthday. And here are some pictures of my Mom. Because that's probably what she wants for her birthday, lots and lots of pictures of herself on the internet.

Maybe you think you've seen this photo before. You're wrong. You're thinking of a picture that looks just like it.

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This is from when my Mom dropped me off in New York back in August 2003 and we went and saw Thoroughly Modern Millie, the only musical I've ever been really into.

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This is from that same day. Mom and Greg and I were walking all around New York and nearly died of the heat but we ducked into the NBC Store at Rockefeller Center, tried on peacock hats, and survived.

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And this is Mom and Dad when they visited me in April 2004.

At one of those crazy Indian restaurants.

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And at Peep. If you can believe it.

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But don't get distracted by those pictures of my Dad. Because, while he's great, it's Mom's birthday (I think/hope), and that's who you should be thinking of. So, Happy Birthday Mom. From Brigham.


Anonymous said...

Brig, what is ur mum's name? If i was near her i would play herr stevie wonder's "happy birthday to you." b/c that is the awesomest bday song ever. and your mum is def awesome enough to hear it.

Aunt Afton said...

What a charming tribute to my dear sister, your MOM. She is wonderful! Ask her about her grapefruit gathering dress pictured in front of Millie. Love y'all. Afton

Cory & Kristen said...

Wow Brig- it looks like you have topped us all again! The revealing of the blog for Christmas and now Mom's very own post. Happy Birthday Mom!