Monday, March 07, 2005

Best Not a Weekend Wrap-Up

Photos with captions, photos with captions. I've gotten a little tired of them. How about words with links? (or just words)

The Service Industry just can't be stopped. Months ago when I saw the cell-phone charging station in Union Square I thought "Now there's a millionaire on her way to happening" (if she sets up a hundred other outposts, that is). Now some genius is running an iPod loading service? How crafty. I mean, who, in the middle of the drudgery of ripping all their favorite CDs for the first time hasn't asked themselves how much they'd be willing to pay someone else to do it? Well, dude charges $1.50 a CD and will pick up and drop off your CDs and MP3 player. Like I said, that's crafty.

Hollywood Should Be Stopped Shrek 4 has a writer. Yeah, Shrek 4, as in the Shrek that comes out after the Shrek that hasn't even come out yet. This is what the world gets after, for some reason, spending nearly a billion dollars on going to Shrek 2. What, were we all that desperate?

That Was a Good List on Pitchfork last week, the one about the "10 Best Doo-Wop Songs". Even though it was a little out of the ordindary, contentwise, I didn't think it needed the apologism/rationalization introduction. I won't pretend to know all of those songs, but I do have this to say: 1) My favorite Chantels songs is probably "I Love You So", mostly because of the really weird harmonies at the beginning and end. 2) When dude says that Andre Williams produced "September in the Rain" for the Royal Jokers, is he really talking about the Andre Williams I'm thinking of? I suppose dangerous old blues men need to have done something when they were dangerous and young. The only Royal Jokers songs I know are "You Tickle Me Baby" and "Love Game from A to Z" and they're good. I wonder if Mr. Williams had anything to do with them.

I've Been Thinking About It and last night's episodes of Arrested Development were on crack. Whether that's good or bad, I've yet to decide. I'll probably decide it's good. But I'm pretty sure I've decided that Maggie Lizer is boring. But I don't know why I didn't get the "Skip Church's Sunday Brunch" joke halfway into the first episode. Guess I was thinking about cheese.

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The Ineffable Pangolin said...

I was deceived into missing "The Simpsons" and "Arrested Development" by two duplicitous temptresses; they lured me to a Fireside with the promise of watching the shows later on a mythical VHS tape. Imagine the utter dismay and *horror* I felt when it was later revealed that those sirens hadn't even TRIED to record them! I'll never trust again...

So what happened in A/D? I suppose a point-by-point description in your next post is too much to ask, but a simple summary would suffice.

Incidentally, the Fireside was rather depressing. The main message I took away was: "Your jobs will almost assuredly be unfulfilling, and both your careers and your marriages will be full of drudgery and, uh...try to learn to love it."