Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Best Calm Before the Posting Storm

I get a headache just thinking about my next two posts, which will break records for # of photos of people living it up. For the time being, here's some pretty calm stuff.

I spent my last day in California hanging out with Meredith because Grandma was on a tour of Malibu. Here Meredith stands in front of a house next door to the house where they filmed Father of the Bride One. Hey, we can't all remember Father of the Bride perfectly . . . but I do perfectly remember that it was one of the houses across the street from (Great) Grandma Condie's.

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We ate chiliburgers at the Boat. Here I am with the boat at the Boat.

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Then I caught my SouthWest flight from Burbank to Las Vegas to Utah. I had forgotten about their exit row legroom.

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Arriving in Salt Lake the most amazing thing happened. Sariah, from New York, was on her way through security to return home as I was arriving. I barely even remembered that she had been visiting her family. My socks, they were knocked off. On a vacation full of coincidental encounters, this one ranks quite high.

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My first few days in Utah were spent with low-key activities like watching Arrested Development Season Two with a cold-stricken Matt Lemmon

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Or not taking photos of important things, like meeting *Mitch and her Mom for the first time or eating enormous plates of Mexican food with Annie. Or going to lunch with Grandma Barnes, and watching the Aviator with Grandma. And Spider-Man 2. To my relatives: there's nothing quite like watching Spider-Man 2 with Grandma, ask me to describe it sometime.

But I did take a photo of Grandma, Spencer, Uncle Duke, Aunt Teresa, and that one dog after dinner at their place.

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-Maybe I'm very easily amused, but the new Honeymooners movie looks funny.

-Check out this Galang / Super Mario Bros. mash-up. It pretty much works, most of the time.

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