Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best I Cannot Believe My Eyes, I Cannot Believe Our Good Fortune

An unexpected discovery to end my day, but in a way it feels like dawn has already come.  Sifl & Olly are back?!

Sifl & Olly, if you don't recall or didn't know, are two sock puppets that had a show on MTV in the fall of 1998.  It was one of those perfect college things, so stupid and silly and good.  And just when it seemed to be catching on, it disappeared.  For thirteen years.  And now, here they are again.

I hadn't even dared to dream they might return.  What a world we live in!

To think I was just going to blog about the new Hobbit trailer.  Right now the return of Sifl & Olly episodes is the only unexpected journey I'm interested in.


Sara said...

Ah! I loved that show! Sifl was the best!

Broek said...

I want Jimmy the Cab driver to come back.