Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Everyone Ever Was at the Best Wedding Ever

Last weekend . . . no, the one before it . . . I was in Utah and, among other things, had the tremendous opportunity to go dear friend Cindy's wedding luncheon and reception.  Do you know when I met Cindy?  Fall 1995, when I was a freshman at BYU.  As the wedding approached I realized there were going to be so many people there that I had known for 17 years.  Or less than 17 years.  But a load of people from my Provo days.  Not only was this a big fun wedding, it was also a major class reunion.

Here I am at the luncheon at Rock Canyon Park, as photographed by Jared.  I was so busy enjoying being reunited that I didn't take too many pictures.  And can you believe I didn't get a picture of the bride at the luncheon?  That's how excited I was to be there!

But I did get a picture of Carl,

And Nathan,

And Rebecca!

And Erin!!

And Jared

The groom's father hopped up on one of the tables and delivered a fine and rousing and entertaining and sweet speech and welcome.  More talks like this!  Less make believe poetry language!

And here's a big reuniting: Shane!  (No pics of Jen, because I am a fool)

Then a few hours it was down to the Rose Park Stake Center with me for the reception.

Ferguson design touches abounded.

You know what I didn't do?  Leave a note on the note string.  Sorrry.

But here, finally, is Cindy the Bride!

And her much-coveted bouquet.  

You know who else was there?  Dave!  Can't believe we only took one class together at BYU.

And I still can't believe I never lived with Shane . . . but the numbers check out.  Mathematically, it was impossible for us to have ever lived together.


Derek (Rebecca's husband)

ME! (again photographed by Jared)

At the reception we feasted on hot dogs, potato salad, and vintage sodas as we admired the much Instagrammed, much Pinned centerpieces.  I don't think a single can of paper roses was left behind by the end of the night. 

Exploring a little, I found a hall with portraits of all the Presidents of the Church.  Nice touch, but not terribly surprising.

But what I was NOT ready for were the portraits of all the Stake Presidents.  Now that gives the stake a a real sense of community, pride, and history.

Oh and you know who else was at the reception?  Starla.



Emily and Mark

Mary and myself

Elaine and Hitchin' flag.

So yeah, those are all my pictures from the two parties.  Things I did not photograph?  All the pulled pork I ate at the luncheon.  Tom the Groom.  Cindy and Tom cutting the cake.  Me eating cake.  Me eating hot dogs.  Me meeting and reuniting with even more people.  Cindy and Tom making their exit.  Girls grabbing all the centerpieces at the end of the night.  Me grabbing two centerpieces.  The list goes on and one, but let me end by saying this: these gatherings were so wonderful.  The left me feeling like some things are right in this world.


bex said...

Cindy always throws the best parties. We would have been fools to miss this one.

Cindy said...

Me and Starla, that's a gem.

AzĂșcar said...

Hey! You can see the top of my head in one of those shots.

Great night, congrats to Tom and Cindy.