Thursday, September 06, 2012

Best Completed Buddy Adventure

After the Simpsons ride Collin and I took the world famous Universal Studios studio tour tram ride.

We reflected and shared memories of Studio Tour Rides past.  Like when the Battlestar Galactica soldier soluted Collin.

Part of the Studio Tour ride is a journey to skull island for the King Kong 3D encounter.  It was good and wild and it's a bummer that to see it a second time you'd have to ride the whole tour again.

Passed by the old collapsing bridge.  Guess they don't do that anymore.

Now there's stuff like the dancing the Fast and the Furious cars.  Really.

But they still have the flash flood.

And the parting of the Red Sea.

And this dude.

This is the new Munsters house for the new Munsters remake that's coming to TV for a few episodes before it probably gets cancelled and midseason replaced.

Who-ville remnants.

And the Bates Motel, now with attacks by Norman!

Then you drive through War of the Worlds wreckage.  You know?  From that Tom Cruise War of the Worlds movie everyone loved?

The famous lake (drained) and blue screen (now green).

After the ride?  Lunch at Doc Brown's chicken.

The Finest Chicken of all time?  Not really.  But a lot of food, at least.

Oh no!  I got eaten!

These dudes don't look like they understand that this picture is for pretend.

Frankenstein caused me some real grief on my first trip to Universal Studios when I was oh, let's say five?

We went throught the haunted house.  It was a pretty good haunted house.  Collin got scared pretty good a few times and a Mummy grabbed me, even though the told us the monsters weren't allowed to touch us.

Unexpected highlight: The Water World Stunt Show.  Wait, you might ask, You mean to tell me that you enjoyed the seventeen year old stunt show based on the Kevin Costner total non-hit from 1995?

Yes, that is exactly what I'm telling you.

Also old and awesome?  The Terminator 2 3D show.  Really lots of fun and when the actors fight the 3D images on the screen?  I don't know how, I don't know why, but for me, it works.  (p.s. Since my freshman year of college I've been hearing about this attraction because of my buddy Dan Lemmon's work on it so seeing it was something of a half-lifelong goal of mine)

Did not have time to see the animal show.

Because we ran back down to the lower lot for one more Transformers and Mummy ride.

And squeezed in another Simpsons Ride ride.

And watched the Special Effects Show and that was our day at the park

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye and let go.


LaurenHoya said...

While scrolling down, I thought that shark was going to eat me. I really did.

Brigham said...

See! You properly experienced the sequential story telling experience at it's most exciting!