Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street

This year's Feast of San Gennaro wrapped up on Sunday.  It came and went so quickly that I barely noticed, so I figured I ought to give this grand festival that occurs right outside my house one full walkthrough, just to see what was up.  To see what I could see.  I brought my M8 and the light was on my side and I took a few pictures I'd like to share.

From a distance everything looks so calm and peaceful.

And up close, not so bad either.

But once you cross Prince, things get crowded.  

There's so much you can do at San Gennaro, you can look at plastic fruit

Buy a fancy pizza,

Or a ridiculously spicy pickle (Which I did last year.  And they're right.  One was enough.)

Meet a handsome policeman,

Win a big pig,

Take a walk with your sister, or friend?

Watch a man do a flip over a lady,

Win a giant banana,

Eat a couple of lobsters,

Take a picture,

Get stuck in the crowd,

Wonder if you're going to make it out alive,

Buy a flag,

Or a sausage,

Maybe look at some skywriting?

Wait at the crosswalk,

Make a new friend,

Meet a princess,

Buy a wrestling mask,

Win a kitty,

Visit the nut house,

Pop some balloons,

Take a walk with your brother . . . or friend?

Negotiate a good price on a fine cashmere pashmina, 

Buy a margarita,

Wear your best outfit and look fresh to death,

Have your poor aching feet cared for,

Get something for your grandkid,

Enjoy a fine treat,

Wear your army hat,

Eat sausage and peppers with your dad,

Meet a giant cannoli, 

Enjoy a sandwich,

Wear your fancy hat,

Or eat something breaded and deep fried.

Really, there's so much you can do at San Gennaro.  Or at any street fair in the city.  
Goodbye for now, San Gennaro.  I can't say I'll miss you, but really I didn't mind having you outside my window the past 10 days that bad.

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sarah said...

I hope you wore your best outfit and looked incredibly fresh. How could one not look fresh whilst admiring plastic fruit?