Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Best Continued Buddy Adventures

After saving the earth, Collin and I rode the Mummy Returns rollercoaster.  The line made me think of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, the beginning of the ride made me think of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, but when the rollercoaster part of the ride starts (catching first timers completely off guard) it’s more of a Space Mountain, but with mummy ghosts flying at you.  It’s a real good ride, a real fun ride, but a bit of a short ride.  Still, it will definitely make you hoot and holler.

(This is where you leave your service animal during the ride.  What?  You didn't bring your service animal?)

Some mummy-type characters roamed the immediate area on stilts but, honestly, who cares?  You’re really going to show all your friends at home your picture with the tall Mummy-lady or man?

Wouldn’t you rather show them that you met Dora?

Next ride: Jurassic Park!  A really fun log-ride style ride (except in boats, not logs

Shoe buddies!

Here's a YouTube of the whole ride.  It's pretty cool,

The thing about this splashdown . . .

It gets you a LOT wetter than you’d think.  And how did I keep my camera safe on this ride?  Asked the girl at the churro cart for one of her latex gloves, put my camera in said glove.  Boom.  That easy.

Having conquered the entire lower lot, Collin and I headed back up to the Upper Lot, first by stairs, then by escalator.  It is a long, long way up (or down) between lots.  Be ready for that!

Our destination: The Simpsons ride, the sight of which had nearly stopped us dead in our tracks on our way to the Transformers ride just an hour or two before.

The idea is that while you're in line for the Simpsons ride you're in line for a ride at Krustyland.

Krustlyand posters everywhere!

Lots of good old Simpsons jokes.  And there were monitors playing lots of theme-park themed Simpsons clips.

The map of Krustyland.

Inside the plot of the ride unfolds on monitors . . . the plot?  We are at Krustyland and Sideshow Bob is trying to kill the Simpsons.  You start off on a roller coaster (I should mention this is a simulator ride, right?) and wind up zooming through all parts of Krustyland.

Shortly before boarding there is a midway manned by many a famous Simpsons character.

Here is a video of the ride, if you want to imagine to experience it for yourself:

Outside the ride?  Lots more Simpsons theme-ing.

Including the greatest of all Simpsons In-Joke souvenirs.

You know what?  I've still got lots more pictures of Universal Studios.  Guess there's going to be another post.

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