Monday, September 24, 2012

Best If You Pretend This is Like a Picture Book

Believe it or not, but this week is Sea Otter Awareness Week!

Oh man I love Sea Otters, they're so cute!

Look at that fellow!

Awwwwww . . . is somebody sleepy?

So cute!

Awwwwwwwwwww . . . 

So cuu . . .


You're not a Sea Otter!  You're a River Otter!  Oh gross.  Get out of here, River Otter.  No one likes you.  It's Sea Otter week!

Okay.  Sorry about that.  Back to Sea Otters.

Awwwww . . . holding hands?  Come on!  Too Cute!

And sharing dinner?  Mmmmm, crab.  Sounds delish.  Can I have some?

RIVER OTTER!  I wasn't talking to you!  Get out of here!  And take that gross crab with you!

Ok.  Back to Sea Otters!



River Otter, No!  Get out of here!  No one likes you!  Stop waving at me!  I don't even know you!

Okay, sorry about that.  River Otters are terribly rude, they don't understand when they're not welcome.

Back to SEA OTTERS!!!!!!

Saying prayers? Too much!

Awww, who's a hungry guy?   What's that you're eating?  I can't tell, but it bet it's great.  And look at your cute little savage Sea Otter fang!

Oh!  More Sea Otter cuddling!  Cuuuuuute!  Love it!


So sorry about those two, it's like, "get a river", right?


Hey Sea Otter!

Oh here's a yawny guy!

Who's a sleepy bear, little Sea Otter?

RIVER OTTER!  Now you bring a catfish?!  Don't you know you're gross?  You're grosser than a muskrat!  No one likes you, you slippery oily grody oversized river rat! Get lost!

Now this is what I'm talking about!  Fluffy and Cuddly!  That's how I like my otters to be!

Oh, geeze.  River Otter.  You again.  Crawling out of your dank little log hole?

Wait . . .what are you doing?  You're standing up to me, River Otter?  What?  You've had enough of my attitude?  You think I haven't been very respectful?  You think I should give River Otters a chance?

Well . . . I guess . . . I guess you're kinda cute.  Your little eyes, your long whiskers . . . maaybeee . . . 

JUST KIDDING!  Sea Otters are the best forever and ever!  And ever!  And ever! Sea Otters!  Sea Otters!


Even if this post was a little jokey it really is Sea Otter Awareness Week . . . the 10th Annua Sea Otter Awareness Week, and even though that makes Sea Otters sound like a disease, we should all take some time this week to honor these marvelous little jesters of the sea.

And River Otters can go jump in a lake.


bex said...

please publish this book. i will buy a copy.

Ryan said...

Brig, I see commercial success here. Get this out in large format hardcover, stat.

Broek said...

"get a river". LOLZ

Jessica Abrahams said...

Great photos. Funny storyline. You've seen more otters than a lot of people...

Sara said...

Catching up on blogs here . . . "Get a river." That was good stuff.