Monday, September 17, 2012

Best Isn't it About Time

I am terribly, terribly behind on my posts.  And bloggable things keep happening.  Even though stuff happened before my Labor Day trip to Utah that very much need posting, today I'm sharing pictures from three family events while I was there that weekend.

Event I: Rachel's Baptism

Niece Rachel getting baptized and Cindy getting married created the perfect storm of reasons to run off to Utah for that weekend.  

Saturday morning in Cottonwood Heights.

Owen was to be driving Grandma and me up to Highland for the baptism.

Here is pretty strong evidence that he drove Grandma and me to Highland.

We made it to the baptism with time to spare (not an actual photo of the proceedings).

Mom played the piano.  Something I don't have a picture of is Rachel and Ellie singing but it was the most darling thing you ever could have seen.

Out the window.

Cousin Rachel and Aunt Teresa.

Owen and Greg.

Dad and his sister.

It looks like Rachel is making a wry observation and Grandma is just eating it up.

Grandma Taylor!  I'm telling you everyone was there.

This picture reminds me of this picture.  Kind of.

Uncle Duke, in charge of the family photo.

A family photo.

Emily and Walker!

Before heading to Cindy's luncheon, everyone admires the invitation.

Looks like I was missing out on hamburgers.

And getting to know the bird.

Event II: Sunday dinner at Kristen and Cory's house, followed by backyarding.

Walker among the tomatoes.

Chattin and recollecting.  Telling lots of stories about people being locked out of hotel rooms in their underwear.

Playing tag, or something.

Something's up in the tree.

Gotta show Colin what's up in the tree.

It's Ellie and Blake, climbing up in the tree.

Scout.  The dog.

Trampolining with Blake and Ellie.

We celebrated Emily's birthday a tiny bit early.

Event III: Trip Up to Snowbird

Monday morning at Grandma's house.

Everyone coming together for the day's outing.

First, we have to find the cat.

The Portraits of Honor, Retunred missionaries all.

The road to Snowbird.

Just because there's no snow doesn't mean there's nothing to do.  What is happening here is that Blake and I are riding the zip line.

This is what it looks like when you come zipping into the station.  If you're Dad and Rachel.

Chairlifts to the next destination.

The Alpine Slide!

I really liked the Alpine Slide.  I never braked at all (just accelerated less).  Surely they wouldn't make a ride you could actually fly off of, right?

Next ride?  Tram up the mountain.


Question many asked: Can you really get to Provo from there?

My question: There's really a run called the Lupine Loop?!

Walking down to the chairlifts.

Chairlift ride back to the base.

A chair full of men.

It was a long ride and good fun.

Grandma and her Greatgrandchildren.  A fine set of people.

And now I'll say that my family pictures from Utah are all taken care of.  So many more pictures left of so many other things, though.

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